Whether you're parked at your home in East Brunswick, stranded on the side of an Edison or Amboy road, or four states over visiting your family, having a dead battery really puts a damper on the day! At DCH Brunswick Toyota we want to make sure our customers aren't held up in situations ranging from annoying to dangerous because of a dead battery. If the answer to any of the questions below is YES, it may be time to replace your battery:

Here are a few signs to watch out for:

  • Is your battery approaching or over three years old?
  • Has the warranty time for your battery passed?
  • Have those hard-to-miss-but-often-ignored warning signs gone off when you start your car?
  • Have you gotten a jump start recently? Perhaps in a Perth grocery store parking lot?
  • Did you use a portable charger to give your battery some juice?
  • When you heat up or cool down your car do your lights go dim?
  • Have you recently experienced alternator or belt issues?
  • Can you see corrosion on the battery posts or cables?

If you can answer yes to these questions, come into our North Brunswick Towsnhip dealership service center; these are all signs your battery is getting weaker and it's always better to swap out a weak battery than wait for the current one to fully die, since you'll never know when it'll happen.

You can set up an appointment through our online scheduler and our service technicians will work with the parts center team to get a Toyota TrueStart™ battery ordered for installation.

We only use these batteries and not aftermarket options because they're built to work with Toyota vehicles and follow strict standards. They may cost a little more, but we think paying a slight premium is worth it to ensure you can get out of your Old Bridge driveway and head to work the day of that big meeting or not need to flag down assistance on the side of a Piscataway road.

For more information about battery concerns, you can contact our service center at 877-510-0620 or visit our dealership.

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