Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance – A Guide to Keeping Your Toyota Healthy

At DCH Brunswick Toyota, we're committed to helping you stay on the roads longer by prioritizing routine auto service. As the snow thaws and heavy rains make way for the arrival of Spring, it's your responsibility to ensure that your vehicle is ready for it all. Click or call to schedule a service appointment at our North Brunswick facility and get your Toyota serviced before the first day of Spring.

Top Five Spring Service Tips

New Jersey drivers know how unpredictable the weather can be, and Spring is no exception. With forecasts of sunny days and clear skies in everyone's minds, most of us forget that the weather in North Brunswick can change in a flash.

To ensure you're ready to battle the elements and weather every storm that Mother Nature throws at you, the experts at DCH Brunswick Toyota have compiled a list of our top five recommended Spring service tips, including:

  • Oil & Filter Change - Start the Spring season off strong with a fresh oil and oil filter change. It helps promote smooth shifting and keeps your engine properly lubricated.
  • Tire Rotation - Getting your tires rotated and aligned is the best way to ensure long-lasting tire health on the roads in North Brunswick.
  • Clean Air Filters - Before pollen and debris decide to clog up your air filter, do yourself the favor of getting them cleaned now or replacing them if necessary.
  • Check Battery - A strong battery connection is key for helping your Toyota perform to its potential, including keeping your devices charged while driving
  • Replenish Engine Fluids - While under the hood, it's best to check and refill any of your engine's fluid reservoirs, replenishing your wiper fluid, brake fluid, and coolant.

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