In a press release from early this morning, Toyota announced that it will partner with the Open Source Robotics Foundation (OSRF) and its newly formed for-profit subsidiary Open Source Robotics Corporation (OSRC) in an effort further research and development of both open source and proprietary tools for the automaker's robotics and automated vehicle initiatives. As part of the partnership, Toyota will also make a $1 million charitable contribution to OSRF in support of the advancement and development of opensource robotics software.

OSRF is an independent non-profit created by the global robotics community in support of the development of open-source software for use in robotics research and education. The organization is in charge of the development of the Robot Operating System.

“At Toyota, we are creating better ways to move, whether it’s across the room, across town, or across the country,” said TRI CEO Gill Pratt. “The Open Source Robotics Corporation team brings unparalleled technical expertise and industry-leading technology platforms, which we intend to embed in the heart of our research programs. TRI also believes that the open source movement can catalyze the development of the robotics industry, and we are excited to help OSRF expand its impact."

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